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24/7 Lawyer

A specialized lawyer for the exact moment you need it

Castellarnau Penalists is a law firm in Barcelona specialized in Criminal Law, offering a 24-hour service to address any urgent situation: from DUI offenses, detentions, assistance at the police station, and more.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers covers all areas of Criminal Law, being able to assign the best attorney for each case. Learn more about Eloi Castellarnau and the entire team here.

Lawyer for Traffic Safety Offenses: ‘DUI Offense”

We assist you with highly specialized legal advice for DUI offenses. Have you exceeded the allowed blood alcohol level, gone over the speed limit, or been stopped for driving without a permit? Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in defending DUI and driving without a permit cases. We seek the best solution for your specific case.

Our criminal defense lawyers analyze each situation individually, offering 24-hour legal assistance and finding the best solution to defend the interests of our clients.

If you have been reported for driving under the influence of alcohol, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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At Castellarnau Penalistas, we understand your rights and work to ensure that the law is upheld. We inform you about your situation, the reasons for the detention, and the steps to follow. We provide 24-hour assistance to meet the client’s needs.

A criminal defense lawyer from our team will go to the police station and act as your legal representative, advising you at all times to ensure your rights are upheld.

Our team of experts will analyze your case, the circumstances that led to your arrest or that of your family member, and will guide you step by step to avoid making any mistakes and ensure that the justice system hears your version of the events.

Have you been accused of committing a domestic violence offense?

Defending an accused of gender-based violence is a complex and delicate legal process that requires an ethical and professional approach. There are numerous factors that can coincide, some objective and some subjective. The reasons for which you might be accused don’t always come to light in criminal proceedings.

We listen to you. We analyze all the evidence and accompany you throughout the process, from legal strategy to representing your interests in the courtroom, so that you can face this challenging process with the highest chances of success.

We will handle your case and advise you on everything you need to know to ensure that your process achieves the best possible outcome with complete confidentiality.